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Your Guide to Consignment

For more information, download our comprehensive guide here.

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Time for a wardrobe clear out?

We know how hard it is to sell your clothes online.

You want to do the right thing, but the process has so many steps, and you don’t have time right now, so you put it off, and put it off, until months go by, and that pile of clothes is still sitting there in the corner, collecting dust. Trust us, we get it.

This is why we started The Closet; we wanted to make it easier for Australian women to buy and sell quality clothes online. We take care of all the hard work, so you can enjoy that rest after cleaning out your closet, which we know is a mission.

How does it work? 

 1. Order your Thrift Bags 

2. Fill your Thrift Bags with the clothing you'd like to sell

3. Drop your Bag off at the Post Office

4. Sit back and relax! We'll take it from here!

We accept
We do not accept

Check the Condition

Quality is very important to us. We can only list your preloved items if they meet our standards. Please make sure all your items are freshly laundered and are in good condition. Remember, if you wouldn’t purchase it for yourself, you can’t expect someone else to either. 

We accept
We do not accept

Best Practices

  • Ensure your pieces are freshly laundered or dry cleaned, clean and in good condition. 
  • Items that have been in your wardrobe or in storage for a long time may require laundering before sending them in. 
  • Remember to complete and sign the consignment form. 
  • Keep an eye out for our email once we’ve finished processing your items.
  • Read the Sellers Guide and the terms and conditions carefully before you send off your items.
Sellers Guide Showcase Image

Pricing and Payment

We use a formula to help us determine the pricing of your items. This is based on factors such as brand, current seasons, trends, and the quality of your items.

The amount you are paid for your items is based on a sliding scale. In other words, the more your items sell for, the more money you get.

You can choose whether to receive payment as cash into your bank account, or in the form store credit to spend on our website. We may pay upfront for certain in-demand items*.

Please double check that your banking details are correct before sending in your consignment form.

*items subject to our discretion

Selling Price (EXCL GST) Your Payout Percentage
Less than $30 10%
$30.00-$49.99 20%
$50.00-$99.99 35%
$100.00-$199.99 55%
$200.00+ 65%


What happens to my items that we do not accept or are removed from listings?
On your consignment form there is a section where you can indicate what you would like us to do with any rejected items. You either have them returned to you at cost, arrange to pick them up from our Brisbane office (Brisbane residents only), or you can donate them to one of the charity organisations that we support.
What if I disagree with The Closet’s decision? 
If you are unhappy with a listing price you can contact us to let us know, but generally we don’t adjust a listing price once it has gone up on our website. We try to price items as fair as possible for both the consignee and the consumer.
How do you calculate the price? 
We price clothes based on variables such as quality, RRP, age, trending styles, current seasons, and sales data. We price all products with both the consignee and consumer in mind.
How do you process clothes? 
Our processing team sorts through all Thrift Bags we receive. We inspect each piece individually and you will be notified of the items we’ve accepted/ rejected via email. Accepted items are then photographed, listed and stored, and rejected items are dealt with according to the option you’ve selected on your consignment form.
Do I have to pay for postage? 
No, your Thrift Bags will have a prepaid postage label attached so you don't need to worry about any postage costs.
How long does it take for my items to be processed? 
We try to process all thrift bags within 1-3 weeks of receiving them, but during busy periods it may take longer.
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