In less than two months, the clock will strike midnight on December 31, signifying the beginning of a new decade, and consequently, giving us a renewed sense of motivation to reset and realise our goals and ambitions. It therefore seems obvious that the perfect place to kick-start operation ‘New Year, New Me’, would be somewhere undeniably close to the heart. Somewhere like…your wardrobe!


The de-cluttering process may be daunting at first, so here are some easy steps to follow to get your closet looking shipshape in no time at all!


Step 1: Categorise


To start the process, you should create four piles, labelled with the words: KEEP, RECYCLE, MAYBE, SELL. In case you’re wondering, yes, you do need to remove everything, so that you can put it back into your wardrobe in a way that will motivate you to keep it tidy!


KEEP the items that fit, are in good condition, and that you enjoy wearing and that have worn in the last 6 months.  Send to a recycling depot to be RECYCLED anything that is ripped, too worn to sell, badly stained, or that doesn’t fit. There are a number of retailers and companies that accept clothing that are suitable for the fabric to be broken down and used to make new products.


Typically, the discretion between KEEP and RECYCLE is the one that people find most troubling. We’re all aware that cleaning out your closet can be unexpectedly emotional, and you may have items that you know you don’t need or want, but you feel you should keep because they are sentimental to you. The key to parting with these items is to realise that you are dealing with the clothes themselves, and not the memories they spark. Like those shorts you wore to your first ever concert – emotionally they’re significant, but physically, they’ve seen better days!


The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” – Marie Kondo


You may have items which still fit, and are in good condition, but you can’t decide whether you like it or not. Such items will go in the MAYBE category. The clothes in this pile should be placed into a box and filed away somewhere that you can’t see it. If after a month, you find that you haven’t missed any of the items, you should consider SELLING them.


Finally, it’s likely that you’ll have items that you no longer want, but that are still in good condition or are of value. Sustainable, second-hand fashion is on the rise, and it is a great way to earn some extra cash and minimise the negative implications of fast fashion on the environment! If your items fit our high standard for listing, THE CLOSET will SELL your items on a consignment basis.


Step 2: Get Organised


Now that everything has been removed from your closet, start by placing your favourite items back into your wardrobe – keeping specific items of clothing together, like shirts in one section, jackets in another – as time goes on, you’ll grow bored of placing everything back in its place. Not only will this help you recognise when you have duplicates of something, like 5 pairs of acid wash jeans for example! But also, if you’re not willing to put that linen shirt back on its hanger, that is an indication that you don’t care about it. Into the SELL pile it goes!


Step 3: Keeping it clean


If everything in your wardrobe has its own place, it should be far easier to keep it clean and tidy! However, if you’re still having trouble deciphering between which items in your wardrobe you actually wear, and which ones are just taking up precious space, try flipping all of your hangers! The hooks should now be facing the back of your wardrobe, and as you wear each item, flip the hanger back to its normal position. Wait a few months – or more depending on my often you use your entire wardrobe – and at the end of your predetermined time, RECYCLE or SELL anything that still has a backward hanger. 


Step 4: Shop your wardrobe


Now that everything is officially in order, you should be ready to smash those New Year’s goals, whilst looking and feeling great! The final step is to have a browse through everything that you’ve decided to keep and get re-acquainted with what you have. You may find that you’d completely forgotten about some items, which should inspire you to think of new outfit options. 


Operation ‘New Year, New Wardrobe’ is now complete!


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