Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be a more sustainable consumer? Do you want to buy clothes that are more ethical and sustainable, but are not sure where to start? Join the club.

Shopping sustainably is not always easy but there are a number of changes to your shopping habits that you can adopt today on your journey to becoming a more sustainable shopper. Even if you are successful in making only a couple of the following suggested changes, you will help to make a difference to the negative impacts of our clothing industry.


  1. SHOP ONLINE – this may come as a big surprise, but in fact 22% of a single garments’ climate impact comes from the process of a consumer driving to the store to try something on and brining their final selection home in the car. According to multiple studies, online shopping has a much lower environmental impact in comparison to physical retail shopping.


  1. BE MORE INFORMED – one of the most difficult things about trying to be more sustainable is knowing where to start – and where to shop. However, in this day and age, there are an increasing number of brands that are committed to creating sustainable apparel. If you can find a handful of brands you love and start from there, after a while your will have grown and you’ll have a host of brands to choose from! You will find heaps of info about ethical Australian brands from Ethical Clothing Australia at


  1. BUY SECONDHAND – secondhand shopping prevents the production of toxic, or exploitative new clothing. Most secondhand stores are almost all locally, or family owned, so you direct your dollars away from multinational corporations, and to small businesses It’s important not to underestimate what awesome pieces you can find by buying second hand, and for great value! Better still, buy secondhand clothing and shoes online!


  1. TRY RENTING – renting clothes is like going through your sisters’ wardrobe – there is almost always something that you wished you owned for yourself. If you’re keen to experiment with a new trend, or have a special event coming up, renting allows you to feel fabulous while using far less resources!


There is no one answer to creating a sustainable wardrobe, but small changes to the way you shop can make a big difference!

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