If you want to sell your medium to premium brand clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories for cash without fuss, this the place for you. 

Things to note:

1. We will not accept fast fashion brands and only medium to high-end items will qualify.

2. Your items need to be flawless, freshly laundered or drycleaned and without stains and smells.

3. Your items need to less than 3 years old.

4. We typically list items at between 30% and 35% of their original purchase price and you will receive a percentage of that (see below for detail).

5. We will only accept items that can be listed for more than $50.

6. We will exercise our sole discretion about whether items qualify for upfront payment, how much we list items for and what payout you will receive.

7. Our standard terms and conditions of consignment will apply.

What to do:

  1. Create your account online or log into your account.

 2. Order your thrift bags. Please note that the link in your account is temporarily not active but you can order thrift bags directly from our home page menu.

 3. Complete the Consignment Form which you can download below.

 4. Fill your thrift bags with your items once you have received them.

 5. Drop your bags at your nearest Post Office.  We’ll do the rest!

Consignment form

Download PDF

Please complete this consignment agreement form and return it with your clothes and items you wish to sell. Please ensure that you read all information carefully. Alternatively complete details of your consignment online via your account.

How do I know how much my items are worth?

The Closet determines the listing price of items based on several factors:

  • Recommended retail price
  • Condition
  • Season
  • Brand
  • Age

Please note that these prices can be subject to change.  Pricing also includes our costs such as processing, marketing, packaging, and postage.

How much money will I get once my items have been sold?

Your payout is a percentage of The Closet's selling price. It increases with the selling price and is subject to change.  



$50.00 - $99.99


$100.00 - $199.99




How will I get paid?

You will be paid via bank transfer or PayPal within a week or being advised of our assessment of your items.  Please indicate your preference and details on your Consignment Form.